Rockfish, Axel James

Axel James Rockfish, born 1970, is a photographer and photo-journalist. In 1983 in México he bought his first 2nd hand Canon AE-1 and has been using analogue and later digital photography ever since. Señor Rockfish’s themes range from interpretations of urban settings to black & white landscapes and nudes, as well as photography of nature and inhabitants of authentic, remote places. He is selecting works from around the world as Limited Fine Art Photo Editions. Having lived and worked in Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and Spain, he recently moved from Barcelona to Munich and (co-)formed a family. As a free spirit, passion, inspiration and curiosity to find a topic’s, person’s or culture’s character through the lens are his work’s ingredients. “A photograph often is just a fraction of a second, but it can be an eternity”, he says. His photography invites the viewer to look beneath the surface of the actual picture. Axel Rockfish’s Asian Metropolis work has been selected for the Barcelona International Photography Awards (BIPA 2015) top 50 finalist author’s series from over 950 participants. He has been exhibiting at prestigious Art Karlsruhe art fair, at AAF Hamburg and Amsterdam and at various galleries internationally.
„Ich freue mich sehr über die Kooperation mit der Galerie KUNST-WERKSTATT. Es ist ein Ort der künstlerischen Begegnung, denn sie ist nicht nur eine kleine, feine Galerie im Herzen des Franzosenviertels von Haidhausen. In den Räumlichkeiten angegliedert sind 3-4 Werkstätten von Künstlern, der Ort des Schaffens und des Austauschs mit Künstlern und Kunst-Liebhabern. Eine Reihe von Künstlern, national und international, hat bereits hier gearbeitet und ausgestellt.“

Axel James Rockfish
Steinstr. 59
81667 München
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